Xpanded Universe was started in 2015 on our move back from Los Angeles. Inspired by the abundance of talent and new friends made while living in northern Los Angeles we decided to open a Art Gallery focusing on Designer Toys and Art. The passion quickly spawned our focus on creating our own creation with the help of Lulubell Toys Japan. Metal Sloth was born into his glorious sofubi form. After his debut at the Five Points Festival in Brooklyn 2017 he started making his rounds in the convention circuit.

In that time we have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful creators in the industry. One being James Groman. Creator of Rotten Rexx , King Korpse Kaiju Killer and a whole lot more. We decided to launch our first Kickstarter in 2019 to fund the collaboration between us and James Groman, Behemoth Metal Sloth was launched and funded. The idea was birthed from Jame’s love of all things Kaiju and Mike Olivares ever expanding story line of Metal Sloth. Sculpted by Scott Martin Thomas , production by Cokreeate and Interccept .